Breaking New Ground at FIBO: LEAGUE’s Strategic Success in Cologne

Participating in a fitness and healthcare exhibition with over 51,000 attendees, more than ten times the 500 exhibiting companies.

The halls of FIBO were a tapestry of health and wellness. From the robust gym machines standing like modern titans to the nuanced products promising enhanced beauty and spa experiences, the event was a haven for wellness aficionados. Amidst this vibrant setting, LEAGUE’s representatives, Takechi and Menju, navigated through the crowd, their eyes keenly observing and minds assessing each display.

Upon entering the FIBO venue, LEAGUE’s representatives found themselves in a realm where niche fitness categories reigned supreme. Amidst over 500 exhibitors, they noticed a distinct advantage – the lack of Japanese counterparts. This observation wasn’t just interesting; it was the key to unlocking a realm of untapped potential.

In the world of business, success is often measured in concrete outcomes, and LEAGUE’s venture at FIBO was a textbook example of this.

Engaging with over 100 companies and sealing 20 significant contracts, their achievement was not just in the numbers but in the strategic approach they took. In a playing field of 500 exhibitors, their success ratio was not just impressive; it was a statement of their understanding of the market dynamics.

Now, back to the products that caught the attention of Takechi and Menju at FIBO.

One such product was a magnetic drink holder attachable to gym machines, an innovation targeting hygiene concerns in gyms. Takechi, who had personally felt the need for such a solution, successfully negotiated a contract for this product.

Next was a backpack designed to improve posture. This product, particularly beneficial when carrying heavy items, caught their attention due to its unique ability to maintain posture by supporting the weight with the core.

Another highlight was a facial muscle training device developed by a German saxophonist. This simple, hands-free training tool, requiring just four minutes of mouth-puckering exercises per day, was seen as an easy and effective way to train facial muscles. Takechi felt this was an opportunity to step ahead of competitors, especially considering the popularity of beauty devices on Makuake, a Japanese crowdfunding platform.

Among the myriad of products, hemp-related items like CBD coffee and German-made hemp cereal stood out. While common in other parts of the world, these products were rarities in Japan, offering a glimpse into the diverse and ever-evolving global health trends.

LEAGUE’s experience at FIBO was a lesson in strategic planning. Choosing the right venue, especially one with less competition, can be a game-changer. It’s not just about the products; it’s about understanding where and how to present them. LEAGUE’s expertise in this area is not just a part of their success; it’s a service they offer to their community through the LEAGUE BUSINESS CLUB.

As the curtains closed on FIBO, LEAGUE’s journey was a testament to the power of strategic positioning and market understanding. It was a glimpse into the potential that lies in global exploration and the endless possibilities that await those who dare to think differently.

FIBO is:

FIBO is an international fitness industry exhibition with participation from over 140 countries. It is the largest in Europe, attracting fitness enthusiasts, emerging entrepreneurs, studio operators, trainers, and medical professionals from various countries.

FIBO 2022 Highlights:

  • Number of visitors :51,304
  • Number of exhibitors : 500

Tokyo Gift Show 2022 Highlights:

  • Number of Visitors: 192,334 (including 51 from overseas)
  • Number of Exhibitors: 1,988 (including 305 from overseas)


LEAGUE supports those who wish to participate in overseas exhibitions to purchase and find products.China,Thailand,Korea,Taiwan,and German Etc.
We support those who wish to participate in overseas exhibitions in order to purchase and find products.
We will hold exhibition tours from time to time in search of valuable products that have not yet been introduced to Japan.
In the future, we also plan to provide support for visiting companies, as we did this time.

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