CES 2022: Unveiling the Future of Home Tech in Las Vegas!

Over 40,000 Visitors Witness the Latest Technological Marvels at CES – A Firsthand Account.

Join us on a journey to the heart of innovation at CES 2022 in Las Vegas, where over 2,000 companies, from nimble startups to industry titans, showcased groundbreaking home electronics and technologies. With an attendance of more than 40,000, this event was not just a showcase but a revelation of the future of technology.

Our team at LEAGUE, represented by Takechi and Menju, immersed themselves in the vibrant atmosphere of CES 2022. This event, a pivotal platform for major product launches and technological advancements, attracted notable figures like Steven Spielberg and Barack Obama in the past.

This year, it was our turn to be inspired. From Eureka Park, buzzing with startups, to the main exhibition hall hosting giants like SONY and LG, every corner of CES was a testament to human ingenuity and the endless possibilities of tech. We’re excited to share the insights and trends we observed, the remarkable products that caught our attention, and the invaluable connections we made.

Navigating CES 2022 was a challenge amidst the pandemic, but the rewards were unparalleled. We returned with fresh perspectives, new partnerships, and a portfolio of innovative products ready to be introduced to the Japanese market. This event was not just a showcase, but a catalyst for future collaborations and technological advancements.

This appears to be an ordinary mouse at first glance, but it’s actually revolutionary, offering voice translation and transcription with just one click. It also has a convenient feature where speaking directly to the mouse provides instant translation. It supports an impressive range of 115 languages.

Regarding the potential for market success, Menju commented, “Translation devices are already a popular category on Makuake. However, the idea of integrating a translation function into a mouse is a novel concept for Makuake, so I’m confident it will be a hit!”

And here we have a waterproof pouch. It’s not just fully waterproof, but also buoyant, so it won’t sink if dropped in the sea, making it less likely to be lost. This innovative product, seemingly obvious yet not available until now, is perfect for marine sports enthusiasts and fishermen. It allows them to fully enjoy their hobbies without worrying about their valuables!

Furthermore, this is a mug-shaped water quality tester. With the rise in camping popularity and concerns due to the coronavirus pandemic, there’s a growing demand for a simple way to check water cleanliness, which led to our decision to secure a contract for it. It’s incredibly convenient, as it can determine water quality in just 15 seconds, making it a valuable tool for travelers in foreign countries where the safety of drinking water might be a concern!

Stay ahead of the curve, folks. Keep exploring, keep innovating, and most importantly, keep making those connections. The world of international trade awaits!

CES is:

The world’s most influential tech event, where groundbreaking technologies and global innovators are put to the test. It’s a venue where brands establish their businesses, encounter new partners, and the industry’s brightest minds showcase their latest products and bold breakthroughs.

In Japan, it is recognized as:

A showcase for the latest in technology, innovation, and electronic products. Additionally, the event is featured in news broadcasts on Japanese television, providing viewers with insights into CES.

CES 2022 Highlights:

  • Number of Visitors: 44,400
  • Number of Exhibitors: 2,279 (including 1,563 from overseas)

Tokyo Gift Show 2022 Highlights:

  • Number of Visitors: 192,334 (including 51 from overseas)
  • Number of Exhibitors: 1,988 (including 305 from overseas)


LEAGUE supports those who wish to participate in overseas exhibitions to purchase and find products.China,Thailand,Korea,Taiwan,and German Etc.
We support those who wish to participate in overseas exhibitions in order to purchase and find products.
We will hold exhibition tours from time to time in search of valuable products that have not yet been introduced to Japan.
In the future, we also plan to provide support for visiting companies, as we did this time.

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