What encourages us.

Retail and wholesale business

Mr. M, Sales, of Y Corporation

LEAGUE introduced us to their new product and we decided to introduce it to our related electronics retailers. LEAGUE’s wholesale business team was instrumental in making this project a success.

First, through marketing research, the wholesale team analyzed the sales channels and competition in detail and proposed an effective strategy.

LEAGUE’s approach provided insights from an international perspective and showed us the best way to introduce products to the market. Their out-of-the-box thinking was a great way to compete in the marketplace.In the introduction of the product to the consumer electronics retailers, their support was invaluable during the introduction of the product to the consumer electronics retailers.As a result, the new product was a great success in the marketplace and the sales have skyrocketed.

We will continue to work with LEAGUE to ensure the success and development of our business.

Sales Agency Business

Mr. T, General Manager, of S Corporation

Despite the high quality and effectiveness of our skincare products, it has been difficult to find the right sales strategy and sales have been sluggish. To resolve this problem, we decided to use LEAGUE’s sales agency consulting services.

LEAGUE’s team first understood our products and goals, and then developed an optimal strategy. Their advice based on marketing research was very precise and provided us with a clear roadmap on how to bring the product to market and sell it.

The sales representative service has enabled us to expand our sales channels domestically and internationally and to develop new sales channels.
Their team thoroughly analyzed the market, and has implemented strategies to achieve maximum impact.
Our skincare products have gained market attention and sales have skyrocketed.

LEAGUE’s approach was to think differently and provide new ideas and strategies to help us achieve maximum results. We were impressed by their expertise and
ability to execute effectively, and we look forward to continuing working with with LEAGUE in the future to pursue our business growth and success.

Consulting Business

Mr. K, CEO, of S Corporation

We previously had little experience in selling new products on the Internet and were concerned about how to succeed.

To resolve this issue, we decided to use LEAGUE’s consulting services.

LEAGUE’s consultants understood our business needs and provided valuable advice.
Their real-time market knowledge and experience were very helpful in reviewing our Internet sales strategy for our new product.

Their advice on product development was also very valuable and has led to improvements in our product line.
We have also successfully brought our Internet sales team in-house, which has enabled us to develop a more efficient sales strategy.
We are thanksful for their support.

We will continue to work with LEAGUE as a partner who provides us with new ideas and strategies without being bound by conventional wisdom.

LEAGUE’s consulting business has helped us bring our business to the next level, and has led us to new levels of success.
We will continue to work with them as we pursue growth and development of our business.