Privacy Policy

We have established the following privacy policy regarding the handling of personal information in connection with the provision of various services (hereinafter referred to as “our services”). The following is our privacy policy regarding the handling of personal information related to the provision of our various services (hereinafter referred to as “our services”). The definitions of terms used herein are in accordance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (hereinafter referred to as “Personal Information Protection Act”) and related laws and regulations.

Article 1 (Compliance with Relevant Laws, Regulations, Guidelines, etc.)
We will comply with the Personal Information Protection Law and other relevant laws, regulations, guidelines, etc. established by the Personal Information Protection Committee, as well as this Privacy Policy, and handle personal information in a lawful and appropriate manner.

Article 2 (Acquisition of Personal Information)
We will acquire the personal information of users of our services (hereinafter referred to as “Users”) in a lawful and proper manner. The Company shall acquire personal information of users of the Company’s services (hereinafter referred to as “Users”) in a lawful and proper manner.

Article 3 (Purpose of Use of Personal Information)
1This Company shall use Users’ personal information within the scope of the following purposes of use or within the scope of the purposes of use that are clear from the circumstances of its acquisition, and shall not use it for any other purposes, except with the consent of the User or as permitted by law.
(1)Identification of the user and provision of our services to the user
(2)To contact and reply to users regarding our services, such as response to inquiries, consultations, opinions, and online reviews from users, and confirmation of the status membership to users.
(3)Provision of information to the posting company (an individual or corporate entity that has entered into a contract with us for the posting of advertisements and other information) that the user has inquired about.
(4)To Provision of information (to financial..) financial institutions and our partner companies for payment for campaigns, services, etc.
(5)Provision of information, solicitations, requests for questionnaires, monitoring, interviews, etc., and to contact and respond to inquiries regarding seminars and businesses conducted by the Company.
(6)Investigation of matters prohibited by the Terms of Use, such as the use by persons engaged in competing businesses, registration of false information, etc.
(7)Creation of statistical and analytical data, improvement of our services, development of new services, and various marketing activities
(8)Provision of our services and services operated by us in addition to the preceding items.
2 Provision of personal information is voluntary, except as stipulated by law. However, please understand that we may not be able to provide services or respond to other requests or demands if you do not agree to provide personal information or if the information provided is incomplete.

Article 4 (Consignment of Personal Information)
We may entrust the handling of users’ personal information to a subcontractor. However, the personal information to be entrusted shall be limited to the minimum necessary to perform the entrusted task.

Article 5 (Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties)
We will not provide your personal information to third parties (excluding subcontractors) unless we have your prior consent or are permitted to do so by law. We will not provide your personal information to any third party (excluding subcontractors) without your prior consent or unless permitted by law.

Article 6 (Management of Personal Information)
We will take appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized access, falsification, or leakage of personal information. We will also provide appropriate training to employees and others who handle personal information.

Article 7 (Handling of Action History Using Cookie Information)
1 Use of Cookies
We use cookies to improve the convenience of our services, to obtain users’ behavioral history and statistical data on the Site, and to display advertisements by third parties. If you change your browser settings to disable the cookie function, your information will no longer be used for (2) collection of access analysis and (3) display of advertisements. However, in such a case, you may not be able to use some of the features of our services.

2 Access Analysis
We use Google Analytics, an access analysis tool provided by Google, which uses cookies to collect traffic data. This traffic data is collected anonymously and does not personally identify you. If you do not wish to have this data collected, you can opt out by deactivating the cookie.

3 Display of Advertisements
We use third-party advertising services provided by the following partner companies. Through the use of such advertising services, the following partner companies use cookies for the purpose of delivering appropriate advertisements based on information such as the user’s past access to this site and other sites. If you wish to refuse their use, you may do so by accessing the opt-out pages of the companies below and following the instructions to disable their cookies.
Google, Inc.
Yahoo Japan Corporation
Facebook, Inc.

4 Partner with Microsoft Clarity and Microsoft Advertising.
We partner with Microsoft Clarity and Microsoft Advertising to capture how you use and interact with our website through behavioral metrics, heatmaps, and session replay to improve and market our products/services. Website usage data is captured using first and third-party cookies and other tracking technologies to determine the popularity of products/services and online activity. Additionally, we use this information for site optimization, fraud/security purposes, and advertising. For more information about how Microsoft collects and uses your data, visit the Microsoft Privacy Statement.

Article 8 (Disclosure of Personal Information)
If a user requests disclosure, correction, addition, deletion of personal information, suspension of use, or removal, we will respond in good faith in accordance with the law.

Article 9 (Contact for Inquiries, etc.)
Please check the Notice Concerning Specified Commercial Transactions.

Article 10 (Revision of Privacy Policy)
The Company may review this Privacy Policy from time to time and make changes as necessary. In such cases, the revised Privacy Policy shall apply from the date of publication of the revised version.

Establishment date: October 1, 2023